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Shipping Supplies for a 20ft Ocean Container includes
106 boxes includes: 50 Medium Moving boxes18x15x12, 30 Large Moving Boxes 18x17x20, 20 X-Large Moving boxes 23x23x15, 6 24″ Wardrobe boxes 24x24x40, 330 yards of 2″ packing tape, 2 Heavy Duty Dispensers, 75 feet roll of 3/16″ thick of Bubble Wrap, 9 lbs of Wrapping paper, 3 Markers, 2 Box Cutters.
 Packaging for 20 Container 50 Medium boxes 18x15x12″
93.8 cubic feet of total space! Great for Kitchen items, linens, toys, clothes, appliances, and much more.
 Packaging for 20 Container 30 Large Boxes 18x17x20″
106.3 cubic feet of total space! Designed for items that are small and heavy like a DVD collection
 Packaging for 20 Container 20 X-Large Boxes 23x23x15″
91.8 cubic feet of total space! Great for moving or storing larger household items.
 Packaging for 20 Container 6 Wardrobe Box 24x24x40″
80 cubic feet of total space! Pack and store all of your hanging clothes
 Packaging for 20 Container 75 feet of 3/16″ Bubble Wrap
Ideal for protecting small, lightweight and fragile items.
 Packaging for 20 Container 330 yards of 2″ Packing Tape + 2 FREE Heavy Duty Dispenser
Easiest way to seal your boxes for the move.
 Packaging for 20 Container 9 Pounds of Packing Paper
Wrap up all your dishes and fragile items in clean thin paper
 Packaging for 20 Container 2 Utility Knife / Box Cutter
 Packaging for 20 Container 3 Markers
Label your moving boxes
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