20′ Feet Exclusive Container Load (FCL)

Exclusive use of 20′ ocean container. A Full Container Load, FCL, is an international ocean freight service that is intended for shipments of cargo where transporter has exclusive use of a container. When using a FCL ocean freight service, you have a variety of service options available to you. Ocean freight containers can be used to ship commercial cargo, palletized cargo, household goods, vehicles, and more.

 20 Feet Exclusive Container

What shipment size is considered a 20′ container?

For shipments over 500 cubic feet and up to 985 cubic feet, the most cost effective option is to use a 20’ feet ocean container, which will hold household goods of a large one bedroom apartment or a two bedroom apartment). If the shipment size is over 986 cubic feet, it is more cost effective to choose a 40’ container load.. A 20’ container can also ship 200 cubic feet of household goods and a standard size vehicle for the same price. Use our cubic feet calculator to determine the weight of your shipment. 

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 20 Feet Exclusive Container

How do you charge for 20′ container shipments?

Shipping costs are quoted as guaranteed flat rates for the exclusive use of the entire container

 20 Feet Exclusive Container

What type of Shipping Supplies do I need when shipping a 20′ container?

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20′ ocean container dimensions;

Interior Dimensions Door Opening Tare Weight Payload Cubic Capacity
L: 5.440 m 17’10 3/16″ 2,750 kg 24,250 kg 27.9 cbm.
W: 2.294 m 7’6 1/4″ W: 2.286 m 7’6″ 6,062 lbs 53,460 lbs 986 cu.ft.
H: 2.237 m 7’4 1/16″ H: 2.238 m 7’4 1/16″