Shipping Supplies

View a vast selection of packaging, supplies and wood crates for international shipping based on cargo size and services.


Supplies for Consolidated Shipment (LCL)
55 boxes includes: 20 Small moving boxes 15x12x10, 20 Medium moving boxes 18x15x12, 15 Large moving boxes 18x17x20, 220 yards of 2” tape and 2 clamshells, 50 feet roll of 3/16” thick bubble wrap, 6 lbs of wrapping paper, and 2 markers. $252 Learn More
Shipping Supplies for 20′ Full Container Load (FCL)
106 boxes includes: 50 Medium moving boxes 18x15x12, 30 large moving boxes 18x17x20, 20 X-Large moving boxes 23x23x15, 6 24″ Wardrobe boxes 24x24x40, 330 yards of 2″ packing tape, 2 heavy duty dispensers, 75 feet roll of 3/16″ thick of bubble wrap, 9 lbs of wrapping paper, 3 markers, and 2 box cutters. $625
Shipping Supplies for 40′ Full Container Load (FCL)
170 boxes includes: 40 Small Boxes 15x12x10, 80 Medium Boxes 18x15x12, 30 Large Boxes 18x17x20, 20 X-Large Boxes 23x23x15, 440 yards of 2″ tape & 4 Clamshells, 100 feet roll of 3/16? thick of Bubble Wrap, 12 lbs Wrapping paper, 4 Marker. $815
Blankets Furniture Protection
Get a set of 8 Furniture Paper Pads with triple layers. Protect your furniture by using this item. The size of each pad is 48″x72″. Protect your framed pictures, lamps, small furniture and small appliances from dust, dirt and light scratches. $39
Wood Crates

Get wood crate, a vault-like protection for your international shipments.  1/4″ thick plywood prevents transportation and weather damage.  Export certified