General Breakbulk Cargo

Breakbulk cargo, or general cargo, includes a variety of goods that must be loaded individually, as opposed to regular shipping containers or bulk cargo like oil or grain. Goods are transferred from one mode of transportation to another at break-in-bulk points.

At Morgan Shipping, there are three types of breakbulk cargo to choose from:

General Breakbulk

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container is known as break bulk cargo, and can be loaded directly onto the vessel.

On Deck Stowage

Cargo that is too large to be loaded into the hold and is not damaged by water can be directly loaded on deck. Occasionally, cargo can be stowed directly atop the hatch covers.

Under Deck Stowage

With under deck storage, empty flat rack containers are stacked in the hold and cargo is loaded on top,