Vehicle Shipping

Morgan Shipping offers car and truck shipping from any point in the United States to virtually anywhere in the world. We provide the following two options to ship cars and trucks.

 Roll On Roll Off (RoRo)

 This is one of the easiest methods for international vehicle shipping. Using RoRo service, your vehicle is driven into the ships hold and safely secured inside the covered car deck by several straps and braces. RoRo ports are found in most major countries with regular sailings. There is no size limitation to the vehicle you want to ship via RoRo, the only requirement is that the vehicle must be in working condition. See more information on shipping cars Roll on Roll off (RoRo)


 Shipping Non stop, Worldwide


Car in Ocean Container

 Shipping Non stop, Worldwide

You can also ship your car inside a 20 ft. or 40 ft. ocean container. The vehicle is secured to the container floor by wooden blocks and fastened straps to prevent movement. You can also load your personal belongings into the container with the car. See our Package it up page for more information. You may request an exclusive container for your vehicle, and shared container options are also available to most countries. Sailings are currently available from most major ports on a daily basis.


Documentation required:

  • Original Vehicle Title (Please see below for title information)
  • Copy of Passport or Visa
  • Notarized Shippers Release Letter  (*If needed will be emailed to you separately)
  • All documentation should be Express Mailed, prior to container arrival.
  • Other regulations and documentation may be required for the country of destination.

Additional Information:

Vehicles issued an original certificate of title.

Shipper must provide the original Certificate of Title or a certified copy of the certificate and two complete copies of the original Certificate of Title or the certified copy of the original. For used vehicles with titles issued by any jurisdiction in the United States, a Certificate of Title or a Salvage Title that remains in force must be presented. For those vehicles exported by vessel or aircraft, the required documentation and the vehicle must be presented to Customs at least 72 hours prior to export.

 Where title evidences third-party ownership/claims.

If the used, self-propelled vehicle is leased or a recorded lien exists in the U.S., the provisional owner must comply with the above paragraph and also provide a separate writing from the third-party-in interest that expressly provides that the subject vehicle may be exported. This writing must be on the third-party’s letterhead paper and contain a complete description of the vehicle including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the name of the owner or lien holder of the leased vehicle, and the telephone numbers at which that owner or lien holder may be contacted. It must also bear an original signature of the third-party and state the date it was signed.

Shipping a vehicle with personal or household effects packed inside.

Household and personal effects can not be packed in the car or other vehicle that you are importing or exporting to/from the United States when using the car in ocean container shipping method. If any items are packed in the vehicle, they can be delayed or refused exit or entry. Furthermore, if Customs decides to inspect the interior of your vehicle, any goods inside the vehicle would be at risk for breakage, loss, fines or fees.

 Shipping Non stop, WorldwideDownload Self-load vehicle loading instructions


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