Vehicle Shipping Insurance Vehicle Shipping Insurance

If you need to ship your car overseas by boat or air, Morgan Shipping insurance provides the insurance coverage you need. International shipping insurance protects your car against total lost during transit by air or sea. Morgan Shipping can provide you with value coverage for the insured amount of your precious cargo in the event of a covered total loss while in transit.

For Personal vehicles over 5 years old

Vehicles can be insured under the used household goods category and are subject to the deductible selected in the household goods policy. With vehicle insurance, the following liabilities are not covered: scratches, marks, dents, marring, rust, oxidation, or discoloration, also permanently installed accessories in the vehicle including but not limited to radios, cassette recorders, CD players, speakers, VCR’s, and any other personnel effects shipped inside the vehicle and its trunk area even if locked.

Insurers will not be liable for any damages resulting from the loading or stacking of goods on the vehicle. No coverage shall be granted while any vehicle is being operated under its own power.

TOTAL LOSS Coverage:

Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance is designed to protect your vehicle against a catastrophic event that may result in total damage or loss of the shipment. This insurance type does not compensate for any individual damages or lost such as mentioned here.

Deductible: Each claim is subject to a deductible of 3 (three) percent of insured value but subject to a minimum deductible of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars), and each vehicle must be separately insured.

Additional tips

Aside from securing the proper coverage, here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to ship your vehicle overseas:

  • Keep the vehicle’s title and registration and a copy of the overseas insurance policy with you, not in the car.
  • Make sure to drain your fuel tank if possible. If not, keep it under a quarter tank. Most shippers will not accept fuel over this amount.
  • Leave your keys with the shipper and keep a spare set with you.
  • Prior to leaving your vehicle with a shipping company, be sure you receive a pre-shipment vehicle condition report. This report provides pickup and delivery information, current mileage and, most importantly, shows the condition of your car at the time of pickup.
  • At the time of delivery, inspect your vehicle and compare the condition and mileage against the pre-shipment report provided by the freight forwarder or shipper at origination. If there are inconsistencies, note them as exceptions and be sure a qualified company representative signs the report.