The Terms and Conditions of Service herein constitute binding contract between You (The “Shipper”) and Morgan Shipping Lines (“Morgan”) In the event that the Shipper renders the services of Morgan the Terms and Conditions governing  such services are set forth in this agreement;

Morgan As Agent:    Morgan is acting as your shipping agent and is contracted to perform shipping services. The Shipper authorize Morgan and Morgan shall, at its own discretion, employ the service of any steamship line and/or other third party logistic companies (3PL’s) and certified common carrier(s) to transport the Shippers goods from the designated origin to destination.

Shipping Documents:  After the reservation is completed, the Shipper receives complete instructions along with forms to complete as required by law and in order to insure the smooth shipping process. These instructions may include; but not limited to; information about shipping pick up and delivery locations, access indications, cargo size, items quantity, cargo value and condition and other shipping related documents required to process the shipment. It is understood that failure to complete these instructions in a timely manner may result delays, cancellations, or unforeseen fees.

Estimated Time of Arrival:  Although ocean shipping cannot guarantee shipping arrival time, normally international ocean shipments depart and arrive as scheduled. Morgan shall not be responsible for any delays caused by highway problems, steamship line schedules, over booking, technical difficulties in equipment, port authorities strikes, acts of God or any other causes beyond its control.

Customs Regulations:  Customs regulations requirements differ in each country and are subject to periodic change, there- fore Shipper shall contact the destination consulate or embassy to determine the applicable updated rules, regulations and laws to which the shipment will be subject. Morgan can only offer guidance and shall not be responsible for Customs regulations and requirements.

Prohibited Items: Custom regulations prohibit some items from being shipped.  These items include but not limited; to hazardous items such as pressure spray cans, inflammable items, liquid bleach, opened liquid glass bottles, excessive food staples, fire arms, live plants or seed. It is advisable not to ship valuable items such as valuable papers, stamp collection, coin collection, valuable jewelry together with your shipment.

Deposit Payment:   Deposit payment as it appears in the order for service is required in order to secure the shipping space and order other services relating to the specific shipment to insure a smooth transaction. ( ie, 3PL services, insurance and shipping supplies if applies) THE DEPOSIT IS A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

Balance Payment:   The balance payment shall be paid prior to the goods departing the port of origin. Invoice will be sent to the Shipper at the day of the pick up or the following day with electronic payment options to avoid delays. The Shipper under­ stands that timely payment is critical for the seamless process of shipping and that if payment is not paid on time, port storage and demurrage and/or other fee may accrue.

Final Price:    THE SHIPPING PRICE QUOTED IS A FINAL GUARANTEED PRICE BASED ON THE SHIPMENT SIZE AND SERVICES AS INDICATED  IN THIS ORDER FOR SERVICE.   Any additional services or items to be shipped will be billed in accordance  to the rate schedule.

Insurance Coverage:  Shipper is advised to acquire all risk insurance coverage at his own expense with an endorsement to cover the complete cost of his goods while being transported.  Morgan can recommend insurance provider(s)  based on its experience and common industry standards. If chosen, Shipper shall submit all insurance documentations in a timely manner, preferably after booking but in any event prior to departure of ocean vessel or other method of conveyance. All insurance policies are subject to the Insurance Coverage Terms and Conditions

Dispute:    In the event of a dispute, the Shipper may file a claim with Morgan by sending an email to – After Morgan has investigated the dispute and if a refund is warranted, then, Morgan will compensate the Shipper directly. By agreeing to the terms and conditions herein, the Shipper is hereby acknowledging that they are waiving the right to dispute any of the payment already made whether paid via credit card, check or otherwise.

Failure to Pay Invoice: If a customer does not pay his invoice on the due date we may not ship the goods or if goods already shipped, we may cancel the express release on the international ocean freight shipment. As the result of express release cancellation consignee will not be able to recover his/her goods at the destination. We will not take any responsibilities on any storage, demurrage and other charges connected to delays with the release. We will not take any responsibilities on any charges connected to any delay of the ocean freight at any point on its way to the place of release. Insurance will be canceled as unpaid on the time of express release cancellation as well. If shipment already arrived at destination port of entry and is not paid within 10 (ten) days from the day of arrival, then ocean freight shipment will be considered abandoned without any additional notice from us to the client, i.e. requested to be destroyed or re-consigned and re-possessed and sold on the action in order to cover expenses related to the ocean freight, storage, demurrage etc charges. U.S. and destination security officials will be notified and additional fines levied.

Email: Email is considered as a mandatory method of communication with our customers. It is customer’s responsibility to provide correct contact email on the freight shipment, both at the origin and destination. Failure receiving of our email for any reasons may result in the shipment delay and/or extra charges and/or other difficulties. Our office will do its best efforts to notify client in the event of wrong email address, but if our client does not receive our email as expected, then it is the client’s responsibility to contact us.

The Terms and Conditions of Service and the relationship between the Shipper and Morgan shall be construed according to the laws of the State of New York and is subject to the Combined bill of lading terms and conditions

If you have any questions, please contact your account executive.

Thank You,
Morgan Shipping Team