Door-to-port (DTP) Services

Door-to-port service is an efficient and cost-effective way of shipping goods internationally. The process beings when goods are picked up from your home, then you are responsible for the foreign customs formalities process and for arranging delivery of the goods to your final destination. We will notify you prior to cargo arrival to the port of destination and refer you to one of our custom brokers to help clear customs and process required paperwork.

Door-to-port service includes

Services at Origin Freight Services Destination Services
  • Trucking from Origin port
  • Delivery to Warehouse *
  • Palletizing of goods *
  • Trucking return container to port
  • Port arrival Notification

* LCL Shipments

  • Delivery to port of Exit
  • Process of customs for Export
  • Notification of cargo onboard vessel
  • Freight transport cargo to port of entry at destination country
  • Cargo arrival notification
  • Refer you to our local contact to guide you on customs process and final destination arrangement

Optional Services

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