The following is a summary of the Insurance to which the proposal is subject.

The Insurance will be subject to the Institute Cargo Clauses (A) CL382.I.I.09, Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) CL387 I.I.09, Institute War Clauses (Cargo) CL385 I.I.09 Institute War Clauses (Air Cargo) CL388 I.I.09, Institute Strikes Clauses CL386 I.I.09, Institute Strikes Clauses (Air Cargo) CL389 I.I.09 and the Second Hand Replacement. Please make sure to read the Insurance long form terms and conditions as they appears on your policy and our website.

In addition the clauses below are deemed to apply.

AVERAGE CLAUSE – the policy is subject to the conditions of average, that is so to say, if the property covered by this insurance shall at the time of loss be greater value than the sum insured hereby the Assured shall only be entitled to recover hereunder such proportion of the said loss as the sum insured by the policy bears to the total value of the said property.

PAIRS AND SETS CLAUSE – when any insured item consists of articles in a pair or set  the policy should not pay more than the value of any particular part of parts which may be lost without reference to any special value which such articles may have as part of such pair or set. Nor more than a proportionate part of such pair or set.

DEPRECITAION- Underwriters liability is restricted to the reasonable cost of repair and no claim is to attach hereto for depreciation consequent thereon.

MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL DERANGEMENT – Excluding loss of or damage due to mechanical electrical or electronic derangement unless there is evidence of external damage to the insured item or its packing.

MOTH, VERNIN, WEAR, TEAR AND GRADUAL DETERIORATION – Excluding loss or damage due to moth, vermin, wear, tear and gradual deteriorations.

REPLACEMENT CLAUSE – In the event of loss of or damage to any part of insured machine caused by a peril covered by the policy the sum recoverable shall not exceed the cost of replacement or repair of such part or parts plus charges for forwarding and refitting, If incurred, but excluding duty unless the full duty is included in the amount insured, in which case loss, if any, sustained by payment of additional duty shall also be recoverable.

CLIMATE CONDTIONS CLAUSE – Excluding loss of damage caused to climate or atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperature

OWNER PACKED EFFECTS – Excluding breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing of owner packed effects, including trunks, suitcases and the like. Also excluding claims for missing items unless a valued list of contents is supplied by owner prior to commencement of transit 

EXCLUDED GOODS – Excluding loss of or damage to cash, credit cards, notes, stamps, tickets, travellers’ cheques, jewelry, watches, trinkets or similar valuable articles.


When filing a claim, the following are the required documents: Insurance certificate, copy bill of lading and or airway bill, Invoice. Any copies of correspondence with any third parties and correspondence with delivery agent notifying them of damages sustained. 

On the first advice of a claim, please immediately notify the emails below and submit all required documents, policy number and certificate number. (please make sure you have the supporting documents as well)

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