The below information is a brief summary of customs regulations when you plan your international shipping to Guatemala. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate to make sure you have all the information you need before you make your move. Contact the nearest Guatemala Embassy.

When you plan your international shipping to Guatemala, The following documents are required for customs clearance:

  • Passport with entry stamp (original), for each member of the family
  • Valued Inventory, in Spanish or English, legible (with no declared values)
  • Shipping advice including a contact address for client

When shipping goods overseas to Guatemala, The following items customs guidelines will need to be met:

  • All household goods and personal effects are subject to Customs duties and taxes. If no value appears on the documents, Customs will determine the value of the shipment
  • All shipments inspected
  • SURFACE shipments:
    • Clearance at a bonded warehouse recommended

When shipping goods overseas to Guatemala, The following items are prohibited from entry into the country:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Narcotics
  • Legitimate archaeological or colonial articles

When shipping Motor Vehicles overseas to Guatemala, The following documents and regulations will apply:

  • Will undergo physical inspection by Customs, to verify: make, model, year, engine size, serial number and accessories – any “luxury” accessories such as radio/cassette, air conditioning, magnesium wheels, etc. will result in VERY HIGH DUTY
  • Autos with foreign license plates may enter country with temporary permit (30 days), but the owner cannot leave the country unless his car has been re-exported or all import duties have been paid
  • Duties will be based on C.I.F. value as determined by Customs
  • Documents required:
    • Passport with entry stamp (original)
    • Original Title (proof of ownership)
    • Original Bill of Sale and two copies or Invoice legalized by the Guatemalan Consulate at origin
    • Registration card
  • B/L invoice, and proof of ownership documents must be legalized by Guatemalan consulate at origin
  • All vechicle data is verified by customs officials who also determine the value for payment of duties and taxes.
  • It is advised to NOT consolidating autos with the HHGs shipment! It takes an average of 2 weeks to customs clear a vehicle. Registration and application for license tags are a separate process.

Moving Pets to Guatemala: The following documents must be presented for the importation of pets:

  • Subject to duties
  • Health/Vaccination Certificate legalized by the Guatemalan Consulate in the origin country required and must be dated less than 30 days prior to arrival in Guatemala

The regulations are subject to change without notice. Our company is not liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.